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About me

Arianna Saura make up artist Rome

Make up artist Rome, for Wedding and Fashion Shooting.

I am Arianna Saura, a professional Make Up Artist in Rome.
Looking for beauty through the make up is what comes to me naturally.
I love my job because allows me to completely express myself: since I was younger, colors and blending was a big part of my life.
All my training, through the years, was focused to transform this attitude to a high level profession.

Nowadays I work mainly for Weddings and Shootings. Being a Make up Artist in Rome gives me the opportunity to meet many lovely people, starting from the Brides to the models till the photographers and wedding planners.
It’s always an amazing experience getting new people and pro!

My work alludes me to look beyond national marks, a lot of foreigners contact me, giving me the chance to know traditions from all over the world and learning new techniques during the masterclasses that I attend abroad, especially in Russia.