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Make up at home

Make up at home, event and ceremony make up in Rome

Have you been invited to an important event and you want to look beautiful?
Whatever is it your Graduation Party, your 25th birthday, the dinner where you will announce everyone your engagement, your son’s birthday or your husband’s retirement but also a meeting where you need to be fierce…or just a Saturday night, with your friends, when you only need to recharge your batteries and start over…
For any of these occasion, call me!

I’m Arianna Saura, Make up Artist in Rome. I do make up at home in Rome, for events and ceremonies.
If you are the main person of the night, or not, it doesn’t matters: give yourself a home makeup because it is always a nice way to love and treat yourself.

My make up case is always ready, full of the highest quality make up products and accessories. We will evaluate together the best make up that suits you better, starting from your face features, according your personality and the event.

Starting from a natural make up to a more eye-catching make up, there are so many options. I keep myself updated all along the year, so if you are interested, I can show you also the latest make up trends!

Contact me now to book a home make-up appointment. You’ll see the difference between the “before & after”.
The changing opportunity is in a phone call, in an eyeshadow, it’s a blending that will give your life the color that you deserve.