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Wedding makeup

Bridal Makeup

In every Wedding service, I give all my passion and professionality, because every bride deserve the best. My goal is to achieve a luminous makeup that lasts all day long, that looks great both “live” and in pictures or videos. But that’s not all! Every single makeup needs to go along with the bride, make her feeling beautiful, confident with herself and others: to let this happen I need to work with my empathy, professionalism and heart.

How do you imagine your day? How’s going to be your dress, what vibe would you like to create? Wedding makeup needs to be aligned with your ceremony style, features and personality.

Nowadays there are plenty of trends. From the Air Brush, that ensures luminosity and long lasting to the smokey eyes, defining an elaborated makeup, with a strong impact. I keep my self updated constantly, through national and international courses, especially in Russia. I use the best quality products because they ensure the greatest results. But, the first thing is you, how you’d like to feel. For example if you dream about a romantic wedding, the shades of your makeup needs to be warm and naturals; but if you prefer a stronger yet feminine look, with a touch of modern style, we can go for a Smokey eyes. Know each other, it’s really important! While the trial, you will see how you will look like the wedding day

The make-up, to be perfect, needs to be harmonic also with the hairstyle. In order to provide my clients with high quality services, I have attended professional courses in Italy and Russia: starting from your face structure, your dress and your personal preferences, I will create exclusive and customized hair and makeup.

Are you a foreigner bride and you want to organize your wedding in Italy? Contact me, I can’t wait to pack my case and get you wherever you are! I have a lot of experience in destination weddings, I know how easy it is to overcome distances, working in a team, caring every detail to get the only result that matters: enhance through the make up your unicity and personality.

My bridal makeup services, in Rome and all over the world, ends in the wedding day when the results are visible for everyone, but starts ways earlier, when I meet the bride and we find and try the best makeup. I give her my advices for everyday cleansing routine and skin preparation. In every wedding, looking at the excited face and all the emotions that the bride feels, makes me emotional, and I am sure, somehow, I have contributed to that perfect moment of happiness.