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Trends bridal makeup 2020

Trends bridal makeup 2020

Common style : luminous skin, plumped and well hydrated. Because there’s plenty of time before the wedding, we can take care of our skin with a regular effective routine as masks, exfoliating creams and scrub are really important to have a luminous skin for your big day. The better is the skin’s texture the better is the result. Highlights, important product for the last years, is going to be the best product to get perfectly fresh skin. It’s applied on prominent areas of the face (on top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eyebrow and cupid’s bow).
Beyond season “must have”, this year there are three main bridal makeup 2020 trends. Let’s see them together!

1) The first one is a very soft makeup with pastels shades of pink and peach, but monochromatic. Soft and romantic shades, blended on the eyes, on the cheeks and on the lips with a pencil, a lipstick and a gloss.

2) The second one is much stronger makeup by using gold in all its shades, to match every eye shape and colour. For example blue eyes need a golden shade light and cold, but green eyes a shade warmer and more vivid, last brown eyes with a golden/ bronze shade warm. Then, you can use a tiny eyeliner to “frame” the yes and false lashes to give more structure.

3) The last trend is a “retrò” makeup up trend that is aims to recreate retro and vintage look, by using vintage diva eyeliner, false lushes and strong lipstick, such as red or fuchsia. The most important thing when you want to use this kind of lipstick, it is to use one with a cold undertone that makes your teeth look whiter and shiny.


2020 Bridal Tips

1) Use waterproof make up (foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lip pencil, etc. ) to make it last longer.
2) Always use cream-based products. Creating a base with with cream and fixed with face-powder, helps make up to last longer, providing a more natural look.
3) Always have a Kleenex near you, to use it in case of tears. Normal handkerchief is harder and could ruin makeup. The trick with tears or sweat is to make light pressures with “Kleenex” without rubbing it on the face.
4) Use a “make up fixer” that helps to fix the makeup and improve its performance and that manages to perfectly blend the makeup with the skin, smoothing it.


2020 Bridal Makeup

1) The world of make-up is constantly evolving and rich in products, today more than ever, therefore, the cosmetic brand focus on the performance of the products (long-lasting, waterproof and suitable for oily skin). They focus on the textures, increasingly impalpable and invisible, to get the most out of using just a touch of product, without creating a heavy layer.
2) Pantone color of the year 2020: Blue!!
3) Taking care of the skin correctly is almost part of the make-up routine and has the same importance, then masks, scrubs, exfoliants and facial cleansing are more then welcome.
4) 4) Taking care of the eyebrows, being the first point of shadow of the face, have a fundamental role in framing the face. For this reason their shape should never be distorted, but simply made more orderly.

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