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Bridal makeup spring/summer 2020: ideas and advices


Bridal makeup spring/summer 2020: ideas and advices

Any season is wedding season, the key is: Fresh, glowy makeup.
How to enhance features without being harsh is for sure my goal.
To achieve the perfect result it’s important to use professional product, long lasting and for all skin types. In the last years, thanks to the latest technologies, also makeup products improved their quality, and being fresh on you wedding day is possible for any skin type.
The most fashionable colors, lately are pink, gold, bronze that warm features but aren’s strong.

Let’s se how changes bridal makeup 2020:



Advices for summer bridal makeup.

Any season, monochromatic makeup is better because it’s easy to touch up during the day, in summer what matters is to shine.
If you are lucky enough to have Mediterranean colors and tan easily, use a warm highlighter. If your skin is fair all year long, use cold pink highlighters. Apply it on your face and decollate, to enhance your features and curves. Very important is to have thermal water to refresh yourself during the day. Also powder, to magnify your t zone that tends to get shiny quickly and a gloss to glaze your lips are also very important to carry with you.


Advices for autumn bridal makeup.

Usually makeup changes with weather and season.
During the autumn/winter skin tend to dehydrate, because of wind and cold temperatures. So you don’t need that much powder, as you would do in summer, but you need to create an appearance of fresh skin, luminous, full and make it last throughout the day, using some thermal water, to ensure hydration for your skin.
My tip is to use a creamy lipstick instead of a gloss and keep it in your bag o touch ups during the day. During autumn is better to use warm earthy tones. Browns, deep yellows, military green and dark red, also on the lips.


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